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POUND® Intermediate - Online 45 min

POUND® for freedom - 45 min

We POUND® for freedom, for humar rights, for democracy, the end of trafficking, pedophelia and human slavery. We POUND® for peace, love, acceptance, compassion and a bright future! We POUND® together!

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POUND® for freedom - 45 min
POUND® for freedom - 45 min

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23 jan. 2021 11:00 – 11:45

POUND® Intermediate - Online 45 min

Om evenemanget

" I will always stand up for your right to live a free life, think free and love whoever your heart chooses. Would you do the same for me?//Camilla Assarsson 

We like to think we are free. Many of us are born in to the free world with democratic and human rights. Many of us aren't. Many of us live a happy life without having our freedom violated or taken away from us in any way. Many of us doens not grow up with that sanctuary, but fall victims of trafficking, pedophilia, abuse or other forms of modern slavery. During the pandemic with the Corona-virus we have seen with our own eyes, and studies have shown, that democracy is loosing ground.

With POUND® for freedom I want to raise awareness to the fact that we must always find respect, compassion and love enough to be able to live in peace with each other, accepting other people as they are and let each other live the lives our hearts desire. At the same time, we need to stop any kind of abuse and misuse of power that violates ours and other peoples freedom.

There are admirable people out there, working for organisations that help victims of different kinds of abuse, building a life where they are empowered and free. With every masterclass I lead under POUND for freedom, I will donate all incomes for each class to a specific, organsiation which you can see below. You are most welcome to join me and attend the digital classes. Your are most welcome to make me aware of organisations that are dedicates to help others, so we can help them help others. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you for your donation!


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    POUND® for freedom - Online

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